Ceiling Repairs

Ceiling Repairs

Ceiling Repairs in and around London.

Have you returned home or woken up to discover water coming through your ceiling? At Water Damage, we have fixed countless ceilings following water damage from leaking water lines or water ingress through a defective roof.

We make use of ceiling leak and ceiling repair systems which do not mean us breaking open your ceiling immediately. People use our services due to the fact that we can typically save time and money by tracing the water source of your ceiling leak, back to where the water leak has come from, without destructing the property further because of it.

Ceiling Repairs London & Surrounds

Contact us today if you are based in and around London, and we can give you advice as best a we can, and if needs be, schedule attendance. Call Water Damage to get help with your ceiling repairs in London and the surrounds.

Our process is simple:

  • Find the Water Leak Using Infrared
  • Remove Water Damaged Drywall/Plasterboards
  • Make Repairs to the Leak & Plaster
  • Prime and Paint
  • Clean Up & Remove Any Waste

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