Leak Detection

Leak Detection

Thermal Imaging Leak Detection London – Thermal imaging is a superior way of detecting leaks.

Infrared thermography (thermal imaging) is the most pragmatic and cost effective method to detect water ingress, leaks, subterranean materials and anomalies, and structural cracks in buildings and fixed structures, as well as assess energy waste, and mechanical faults.

Water Damage specialise in diagnostics, renovation and remediation, as well as thermal imaging analysis, thermal imaging water damage and leak tracing, and thermal imaging assessment for forensic purposes, both within the private and commercial sector.

Our qualified Level 2 Infrared Thermal Imaging Technicians and Water Damage Restoration Technicians provide crucial diagnostic information both on site and in the form of a supporting reports which assist contractors with their work, provide crucial information for insurance claims, and reduce overall costs, negating the need for disruptive inspection methods.

Thermal Imaging Leak Detection Surveys London

An infrared camera (thermal imaging leak detection survey) can show exactly where problems lie; by locating and monitoring thermal gradients, our specialists can preempt electrical, structural or mechanical faults, as well as track the extent of structural or water damage, which could be paramount to damage limitation. We are highly skilled in thermal imaging leak detection methods; contact us today for a chat about how we can help you locate your leak, whether it and underfloor leak, or roof leak.

Why use thermal imaging leak detection methods over other methods?

Other methods for leak detection, other than thermal imaging leak detection, may involve destructive works. With thermal imaging, we rely up on the temperature differences of structural materials vs the leak source/ water. With thermal imaging leak detection, we look at the density of materials with regard to their ability to emit energy or retain energy. The water an object is, the denser it is, and therefore the longer it takes to change temperature. Our thermal imaging leak finding survey, will track the dampest areas back to their source, and we can therefore get to the bottom of where the leak is!

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