Water Damage Kensington

Water Damage

Water Damage Kensington

Water Damage London is an established water damage renovation contractor operational in London and also the surrounding areas.

Our team members consist of highly educated and seasoned experts in the areas of water and flood damage restoration, building construction and refurbishment, flood damage cleaning and structural engineering.

We are able to manage everything from a small leaky pipe causing mildew, mould or damp issues, to larger full on restorations following significant flood damage. Our company’s highly experienced specialist teams are equipped for any size project, large or small. Our intention is to undertake all water or flood damage repairs reducing the effect it has on you, your household or work colleagues.

Water Or Flood Damage Contractor Kensington

We provide you with all of the following as part of our flood or water damage repair and renovation services:

  • Minimising destruction as a result of floods or water leaks.
  • Cleaning and restoring the impacts of flood and water damage.
  • Drying out the structure and eliminating damp and mould.
  • Sanitisation and removal of mould and damp followiing flood and water damage.
  • Flood or water damage repairs.
  • Flood damage repairs and maintenance.
  • Water damage repair and refurbishment.

24 Hour Emergency Water Damage Experts Kensington

Our experts are on hand 24/7 to offer a fast response following water or flood damage in Kensington. We guarantee that, in the case of a flood or water damage emergency, we can be on site within hours following your enquiry. Water Damage London offer repairs and maintenance, renovation and restoration services to both residential or commercial clients, call us today for an fast response.

Water Damage Quotation Kensington

Has your home been inflicted by water damage? Is there a dripping pipe or roof top? Damp,mould or mildew? We can help. Our company can deal with just about any form of damp, flooding or water damage problems. From minor water leaks to extreme flooding. Our company’s specialist workforce can identify the leak, repair the source and repair, refurbish or renovate your property back to normal. Additionally, we can help you claim and manage your insurance company.

In many instances, our restoration and repairs will leave your home in better condition than it was before water damage occured!

Other Services

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  • Ceiling Leak Repair Kensington
  • Basement Damp Kensington
  • Rising Damp Kensington
  • Leak Detection Kensington
  • Water Testing Kensington
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Water Damage Kensington

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We are IICRC qualified water damage restoration technicians.