Rising Damp

Rising Damp

Rising Damp London.

Rising damp is moisture present in your walls due to water in the ground underneath or next to your walls rising up through the fabric of the wall, irrespective of whether it be brick, block or stone. The water travels upwards via the wall due to capillary action by way of the tiny holes in the brick or stone.

The water ceases rising at a height where gravity counteracts the upwards pressure of the capillary action. This ‘rising damp’ usually reaches a maximum height of 1.2m, but nevertheless the results of the damp, which include salt residues, is sometimes seen higher up due to the occurrence of non-breathing wall coverings which include vinyl wallpaper and non breathing plasters, renders and paints.

Rising Damp Surveys in London

In the case of conducting a rising damp survey we take the work very seriously.

Our surveyors will conduct an in depth rising damp survey before suggesting any treatments. With years of experience and full credentials, our surveyors are the best in the business when it comes to diagnosing damp related issues and generating a bespoke course of action for your home.

Rising Damp Treatment & Repairs London

The most commonly encountered forms of rising damp treatment generally involve the injections of a siliconate type chemical either in the form of solution or cream. The reason behind this is that it is generally the most convenient and most cost effective treatment to use within built properties. Determined by the thickness of the walls, this is normally done by drilling holes in a ring around the stricken wall( s ) and injecting the advised chemical or cream solution.

After a new rising damp treatment course has been added, any salt contaminated plasterwork should really be restored. If the plasterwork is not efficiently removed and restored with specialist salt retardant plaster, the salts that are present in the plaster may well continuously soak up moisture from the air even if the installation of a new retrofit damp proof course showing the appearance of dampness.

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