Damp Surveys

Damp Survey

The effect if damp on your commercial or domestic property should be investigated by an independent surveyor

A surveyor without a vested interest in your survey findings. This is so you receive a thorough and unbiased report on the true extent of the damage. When investigating dampness, mould, wood boring beetle, or fungal decay, the independence of the surveyors can help ensure that no unnecessary or ‘over the top’ action is specified, thereby saving both time and money.

Our experience of our Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) Qualified Water Damage London Restoration Technicians, Structural Drying Technicians, and FLIR levels 1 & 2 thermographers (thermal imaging technicians) offer a wealth of guidance, backed by professional insurance cover. Following our damp survey, we provide an unbiased, independent report mapping and discussing existing damp and Water Damage London, as well as covering the potential for damp and its related problems (risk of expedited natural material ageing, mould, rusting and mechanical damage, and metal corrosion), along with recommendations for future action.

Damp Surveying & Consultancy Services

We provide damp surveying and consultancy service to help you gain expert knowledge regarding the condition of the property, the pathology of the damp, and to assist you in planning the necessary remedial work before you buy, sell, or renovate.

By instructing WaterDamage, you could avoid wasting time and money, avoid delays in exchange and completion, and in some cases, avoid the loss of the sale or purchase of the property.  Our damp survey report can even be used to facilitate the reduction of the cost of the property.

By commissioning our damp investigation services, our clients have saved thousands of pounds because potential problems have been highlighted before deterioration. All surveys are non-destructive unless agreed prior to the survey being carried out.  There may be certain circumstances where additional invasive tests may be required to provide a correct diagnosis – this is often discussed on the phone or via email at the time of scheduling the damp survey.

The Damp Report

Our reports take the form of a discussion of the evidence collected during our visual inspection and investigation into the possible causes of any problems that may be found/ reported, and are often complemented with ultrasound data, thermal images, relative humidity and temperature records, and dew point calculations. Our reports always include a recommendations for proposed future actions.

If remedial or restoration treatment is found to be necessary (such as damp proofing, mechanical drying, timber treatment, etc), we would then be able to offer services such as the supply of the specification for works required and budgetary costings, as well as other many other services.

We may also discuss building works required in relation to the defects highlighted in the damp survey. Reports are always sent by email unless otherwise instructed, and are available within five working days of the survey being completed. We also offer a fast-track damp report service where the report can be emailed to the client the next working day following the survey being undertaken. Please contact our office and ask for further information.

How Long Does a Damp Survey Take?

From start to finish, a non-destructive damp survey ordinarily takes no more than 4 hours. However, this will depend entirely on the circumstances; weather conditions, access (height and neighbouring property access etc), and location can all contribute to the length of the survey. Sometimes thermal imaging can highlight the cause of the damp within seconds, other times monitoring may be required – we recommend you contact our office and speak directly to one of our qualified and experienced damp surveyors to determine your requirements.

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