Water Leak Alarms

Water Leak Alarms

A Water Leak Alarm is a type of electronic device that send you a warning if it comes into contact with damp, moisture or water. Very much like a smoke detector, but for water leaks. These types of alarms are also known as damp sensors, leak alarms and leak detectors.

They are often found in any domestic or comercial building to warn inhabitants to the presence of damp or water promptly so water or damp damage can be reduced by dealing with why it’s happening as soon as the problem is discovered. The aim of a Water Leak Alarm is to make the user aware of any water leaks or damp problems before the on-set of water damage.

How Are Water Leak Alarms Powered

Batteries are used in the devices and can be installed the same way you would in a smoke alarm. The units are also a similar size to that of a smoke alarm. These types of alarms have sensor feet on them or side of the case, which are calibrated at the time of set up to accept the existing surface moisture content level as normal, and, only when this damp level is exceeded, will the Water Leak Alarm trigger.

A Water Leak Alarm is generally higher than 80 decibels: This is about the same noise as a vacuum cleaner, when you are the one carrying out the hoovering. Contact us now to get a cost-free quote for your leak alarm installation.

How Does a Water Leak Alarm System Work?

Damp alarm systems typically run off of batteries. We also offer wired and automated Water Leak Alarm systems or leak alarm systems that can be integrated into your smoke or fire safety systems (if you have these).

For those looking for a low cost option, with no planned works or having to tap into the existing power supply, the battery powered Water Leak Alarm system is recommended.

The sensor on a damp alarm system is situated to the side of the case as well as on the feet of the Water Leak Alarm as stated before: it contains a pair of thin cables, spaced a tiny length apart. The moment water has contact with both wires, the resistance among the 2 is lessened, making it possible for the current to travel via the circuit to the buzzer, which is activated and alerts anybody in proximity to the leak.

Water Leak Alarm Specialists

Our professional installation technicians can be contracted to install damp alarms to your design considerations. Single and multi-zone alarm systems can be fitted correctly and professionally utilising our expertise in setting up many alarm systems in an array of circumstances.

Get in touch right now to obtain a no cost estimate for your Water Leak Alarm or leak alarm supply and installation.

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